It simplest Takes 5 Seconds to Change Your Life

I’m sure there are a million people who read this story before they even finish reading it. If you have ever tried it before, you know how effective it works. We’ve all heard of the 10/8 rule of thumb but how often do we actually put our hands up in front of us and count down until the first second?

What if instead of counting down to zero, we were to try something similar with the 5-second rule. What if we were to take five seconds to change anything about our life? I can guarantee that when you do so, the result will be more positive than negative. As long as you remember this rule, you can never live a less healthy life. No matter what you do, what you think, or how hard you try, nothing will change until you make those changes.

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Let me explain. Our mind has two compartments for everything you perceive to happen. This includes good things, like a job interview, happy times at school, winning an award, a new car, a relationship or even just feeling good. When these events occur, something changes in the way or the reality of your perception. A lot of the time you might have been convinced to believe that you couldn’t handle them because you hadn’t had many of them already. But you don’t need a huge number of those firsts. Sometimes just being able to “notice something” is enough. In my experience, the most important thing that happens after a job interview is almost always a positive energy rush. That usually lasts between thirty seconds and one minute. Maybe something else will also get your attention but that’s okay too if you want to keep going. So if you really wanted to start eating healthier foods and getting into shape (or even just losing weight), you would likely start by looking at the food labels. Most other things in life do not require that much time. Take a look at what’s on the market today and figure out how you will spend your money (or just time) in the future. Do you spend it on new clothes, entertainment or some other shiny new gadget? Will you need to pay for it? How much will you use it? There are probably questions like any of these and they’re all valid ones. Just remember, the time you spend changing something will be worth it over and over again. Especially when you see change the way you are right now. And you will have discovered the value and the power of making small changes. These little changes add up and will then lead you down a path to better health and better habits. Nowadays, it takes less than 5-seconds to change your life, regardless of where you are at the moment. So even though the world is changing, there is still only one thing that keeps everyone going: change (even small and small changes).

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I know I can definitely attest to using the process myself. Not only is it useful because it takes me out of a rut and gets me excited and motivated, but also because doing so can help you succeed in every area of your life. I will give examples. Before I knew how important exercise was, I saw several pictures of skinny girls. Even if they weren’t overweight, they appeared to be very poor nutritionists. I knew how slim they appeared from their thin figures too and I wasn’t satisfied with having skinny women with low self-esteem who didn’t want to exercise and had no plans to have kids. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start exercising and finding good coaches and other opportunities to find the motivation and goals in your life that you haven’t seen before. Another great life lesson I learned from a girl I worked with had a boyfriend with a different body type. She always seemed to be happy and in good spirits. She loved fitness and used to go to gyms to stay fit. Her goal was to end her thinness as soon as possible and I wanted to support her. One day, I got a call from the gym manager. He told me that my fellow colleague wanted to leave his job. My friend had planned to go to New York City to complete more studies and work more for a big company. She really needed help. Then he gave me $10,000 to fund her flight and help her reach her goals in life. They both took it to another level quickly and successfully changed most of their lives and it didn't take them long to find success. So why don’t you consider setting yourself your own personal goals and working towards achieving them.

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Make your dreams come true and achieve them before anyone else does but that’s part of the journey yourself. Because if you make your dream your priority, you will find the motivation and inspiration to push through whatever obstacles you might face along the way. As long as you feel like you have something to prove to someone who feels inferior, then you should absolutely give yourself the tools and skills to do exactly that. Here you need to focus on small daily goals and then gradually build a strong base on them. Don’t let big goals distract you from smaller ones and it doesn’t seem like a real achievement when they’re not achieved. Instead of focusing on these big goals you should focus on creating small incremental ones over time. Once you start seeing progress, then aim to increase the steps. Or try to make your activity more enjoyable until you reach your goal. After that, once you start achieving them, then you are going to feel better about yourself. Remember, it doesn’t take years to achieve success. Just keep repeating small, small numbers until eventually you start making steady progress in the right direction

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All of these things should take less than five seconds to make that difference in your life. Five minutes is the maximum to achieve most goals in life, so don’t waste it. Focus on little things and see the results. With it, you can change your life forever. Like taking care of myself first and foremost, then I will work on getting my career in order. Try this yourself and see what happens! I bet that you will learn even more if you’re open minded enough to try. And you’ll start living a much healthier and happier life. So please don’t forget about the 5-second rule and set your timer for twenty seconds. Start working on small things and watch the changes come faster than you expected. Because we all have 5 seconds to change our life.

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