simple 7 things That boost the Power of Personal Development

1. It is always your time to grow.

Everyone has their aha In their personal development, it’s what you choose to listen to, discover and focus on. For me personally as I am approaching my 5th year of schooling, it is important for me to take the necessary measures to ensure that I grow in every field and career. Not only this but I also feel that the power of continuous growth lies in each one of us. We are all unique individuals who have our individual gifts, our own potential and we all are responsible of growing within them. How would we know if we weren’t? To prove this point let’s talk about how far we have come, just think back to 2016 for example. At that age, one could have thought of themselves as someone who didn’t have any knowledge or skills at all. But since my parents instilled in me a love for reading, I’ve been able to learn lots of things and it’s not just because of books but because of my family too. My grandparents taught me to read when I was little, my mum taught me a lot of things and I wouldn’t be where I am right now without them. What is your story? Can you remember how? Maybe you can share with me one of those stories. You can share in conversation with me if that’s something you would like too.

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2. Always consider yourself an expert with everything you do.

I believe everything we do begins with ourselves. If you want anything to happen in life then you must first believe in it. This is something I have learnt after years hard work and I’m sure many of us can relate too. Even though there are people like Oprah who can show you all these ways to become successful in life and many others who don’t, sometimes you are just a bit lost. Perhaps you will find different answers and solutions in between. So, why shouldn’t you have some faith in yourself. There may still be good things that you don’t feel are working well for you that could change you. Think about it again. As a teenager you were expected to have certain things and skills when you’re a teen. And no wonder you’re confused with your own situation. When you become older it becomes easier to see what’s really important in your personal development. Your personal development starts with you first and goes all the way till you reach success.

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3. Learn from your mistakes and never let them get in the way of progress.

I always try to remind myself that mistakes are not going away.Learning from the past will help you achieve things better and more mature. So why should you avoid making mistakes? Don’t beat yourself up just because you did or said something wrong or did something wrong. Just learn from your mistakes and move forward. In conclusion, mistakes are supposed to make us better, so learn from them and move on. This will pave the path to success on the other side.

4. Realize that you have worth.

I don’t agree with the statement ‘we lack values’. Actually, we’ve got them all. Value is the basis behind almost everything in life without which we have nothing. I’ve realized now that I actually have value, worth, self-worth and more importantly; I am worth it. Now, what value does this person have? Well here it comes…

5. No one is perfect but everyone is human.

We all have flaws. Some people have bigger than the rest and some less. Every human has flaws. How would you want your friend to treat you if you haven’t noticed any flaws? Is he handsome or smart? Do you want any kind of relationships with him? Do you care about his clothes or his car? Would you wish to date him? Or have you got friends like this one? Who has flaws, right? Nobody is perfect, so everyone is not perfect.

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6. Never allow failure and never give up.

People are afraid of failure in general but in most cases, people who fail never get things done. People are scared of achieving or failing at something for whatever reason. And they become unable to live a normal life until such situations occur. Failure can destroy every relationship. If you’re single or dating then you need to be ready for this risk. Failure doesn’t mean being disappointed or unsatisfied. In fact, a little bit of disappointment can lead to great improvement and a new understanding of what you want out of life. So, it means that you need to appreciate and celebrate successes at least once in a while instead of avoiding them. Take risks and embrace challenges. Don’t be afraid to go against fate. Keep moving towards your goal even if it takes a long time and don’t stop when it seems impossible. You will face failures and sometimes you won’t be happy until you accomplish all your goals. Success is the key to happiness and personal development.

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7. Focus on building a future and having a plan B when things go beyond your control.

I often say that planning is the best preparation for anything and if you have a plan then you’ll take action on it accordingly. Planning is key to success. A big plan may seem like over-planning but that’s what results in a better, smarter and capable approach. Having a plan B is to be prepared for small situations when they happen. Don’t stop until you have your plan B in place. Be ready to prepare and make the most of every second of every day to ensure that you have your plan B in hand. An open plan allows you to make room for more flexibility and adaptability to changes.

If there is a problem or even a difficult task or event to be tackled that you have no idea whether it can be solved or not, start by taking steps towards your goal or target. Then analyze and improve upon the same. Try not to panic if you don’t succeed. Instead of giving up, take a deep breath and try again. Don’t lose hope. Keep trying until you complete every task on your list and before you give up, keep looking for ways to improve upon your process.

There are few strategies that you can follow to manage your time better. Here are some of the ones:

Planning daily — start your day off by writing down three tasks for the day. Create a small plan of what you need to complete so that when you go through it later on it will be easy to figure out and execute.

Make time for a regular break — take a short vacation every week to clear your mind and recharge your batteries for the upcoming days. Use your time wisely and create time for yourself whenever you have some free time. Work on a positive activity for yourself like reading something exciting and doing things related to education. Practice meditation — meditating helps you to relax your body and mind which is essential for keeping your focus in your job. Try to learn a new language and practice speaking. Find creative activities and turn them into your favorite hobbies to add variety for your routine.

Visualize yourself achieving your goals — visualizing yourself doing better in your work, personal development, or simply becoming a better person than you used to is a good strategy to keep track of your progress. Write down what you want and visualize yourself getting better at it. Visualize small goals regularly like improving your English writing skills, gaining extra hours of sleep, starting a new hobby and etc.

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Write down all your achievements and record them. Keep records about everything good that you have achieved through the course of your career.

Get feedback — if you have any doubts in your performance then seek professional advice and evaluate your thoughts before deciding. Ask for a mentor, study online tutorials and watch YouTube videos on personal development. This can help you be a step closer to accomplishing your dreams. Remember your strengths and weaknesses and use them to get things done. Get plenty of notes taken and organize them to keep track of anything that needs to be revised or carried out. Watch YouTube videos to understand concepts properly and brush up on your technical skills. Read books in depth on various topics that interest you to master them. Spend quality time with your loved ones in order to connect with them.

You might have missed it, maybe things that were important to discuss could be left unaddressed. Don’t be ashamed to ask others to guide you along the path to success in the near future.

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